Art Center

Alwan wa Awtar believes that art is a fundamental tool for self-expression and self-exploration. Practicing arts enhances cognitive abilities and contributes to the development of many skills such as observation, analysis, critical thinking and problem solving.

Community Library

The Community Library is an open space where children of all ages are exposed to culture and knowledge, through different means. The main aim is to make reading a habit, if not a passion, as reading is an essential condition to access knowledge.

Live and Learn

There is growing concern about the state of our public schools and the quality of education underprivileged children obtain through that system. The classroom setting, which at times hosts up to 60 students per class, is limited to narration of lifeless and sometimes irrelevant material.


متطوعي الجامعة الأمريكية


شكراً لمتطوعي الجامعة الأمريكية على مشاركتهم معنا بعمل يوم أنشطة مع الأطفال في مساحة العمل الحرة بالمقطم